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The Paleo-oncology Research Organization (PRO) is a scientific research organization dedicated to connecting the global history of cancer to the future of cancer treatment and prevention.  


PRO facilitates the study of cancer in antiquity by providing scientific data, grants, support, and educational outreach while advocating for multi-disciplinary, collaborative, and open-access research.

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Research pertaining to the global history of cancer and other neoplastic diseases using archaeological, historical, clinical, and biomolecular methods of analysis.

 Objectives of PRO.


collaboration        open-access information      education


We aim to:


1) Investigate the evolution and epidemiology of cancer and neoplastic diseases throughout history


2) Increase recognition of the existence and impact of cancer in ancient societies


3) Facilitate the development of standardized procedures for the identification and analysis of cancer and other neoplastic diseases in skeletal and mummified human remains


4) Provide open access to multi-disciplinary paleo-oncological resources


5) Provide an open forum to facilitate discussion of paleo-oncological topics and collaboration between researchers from multiple disciplines


6) Provide academic and financial support for research regarding the historic and prehistoric presence of cancer and other diseases




…one of the points which I wish to emphasize… is the likelihood that the scarcity of tumours has been overemphasized in the past – a fact which itself may have depressed some detail searching.


Dr. Don Brothwell

Diseases in Antiquity, 1967


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