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a work in progress


 The process will be a continuing one. In the future, we plan to:


  • update the bibliography as new articles are published, and older articles are uncovered. If you know of, or are the author, of a resource that is currently not listed in the bibliography, please contact us


  • transition the bibliography into a bibliographical database, easily searchable by author, keyword, year, and subject matter (e.g. literary evidence, archaeological evidence, skeletal reports, conference papers, osteochondroma).




This bibliography is intended to be a resource for those interested in learning more about scholarly work on cancer in antiquity. Please note that the books, websites, and articles presented here do not necessarily reflect the views of PRO and we recommend critical reading. 



BIBLIOGRAPHICAL list of references


In order to ensure the development of paleo-oncological studies, it is important to collaborate, share information, and openly discuss our observations. One of the objectives of PRO is to provide access to resources integral to the development of paleo-oncological research. The intention of this bibliography is to make scholarly information concerning neoplastic disease in antiquity more readily available.







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