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Thank you for suggesting new data or corrections of existing data in the CRAB Database. We need the help of actively engaged scholars and researchers to keep our database up-to-date, and as accurate as possible. Please be as detailed as possible with your suggestions. 

If you are suggesting new bioarchaeological evidence of cancer in a human or human ancestor who lived before 1900 CE, please write "NEW DATA" in the subject line. In the message, please include a link to the resource (e.g. published article, book, skeletal report, conference abstract). 

If you are suggesting a correction to existing data recorded in the CRAB Database, please write "DATA CORRECTION" in the subject line. In the message, please include citation, context number (if given), location, and any other information that might be needed to locate the data including a pdf of the original publication if possible. Please also include a citation and page number for the correction. 

Thank you for your suggestion!

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